About Jett

Born in Kings Mountain, NC

            •           Founder/ CEO/COO (Chief Operating Officer) Believers Today, Non-Profit Organization/Non-Government Organization

            •           Jett Edwards has spent the past 24 years in Japan and in business throughout Asia.

            •           Wrote his first hit song in U.S at the age of 14, on Philly Sound Records (Lonely Man).

            •           Former A& R Director at Jackson Records

            •           Grammy Award winner as bassist with the world famous Legendary 5 Blind Boys Of Mississippi

            •           Founder & COO of Mighty Mobile, Inc. Japan's first and #1 English mobile celebrity digital content download site

            •           Founder of Japanese Mass Choir of over 1,000 members

            •           Recipient of The Congressional Honorary Award, in Atlanta GA

            •           Writer, Producer, Song writer

            •           Professor at Tokyo Gakugei- Dai Gaku, (Musashi Koganei) English & American Music Culture where he is currently employed and has been for over 10 years

            •           COO (Chief Operating Officer) Wisdom Entertainment Network, Inc., Japan’s largest holder of American mobile digital content

            •           Member of American Cultural Music Association

            •           Founded Sonic Jett Production Concert Promotions and management company in USA and Japan

            •           Jett Edwards have managed/produced and collaborated with artist such as The Jackson’s family label (Jackson Records as A & R Director), Five Blind Boys of Mississippi and Alabama, Swan Silvertones, Soul Stirrers, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, The Crusaders, James Brown, Dionne Warwick, Leon Ware, The Temptations, George Benson and Motown Records.



            •           2014 Founded The Japan Mass Choir, the worlds largest community gospel choir and recently partnered with a Japanese Gospel entrepreneur, Jenna, and established a new record label, Lifeline Records. Their goal is to teach “Truth and Traditional” Gospel to Japanese people as well as to introduce The Japanese Gospel and Inspirational music scene to the rest of the world.

            •           2015 Japanese Mass Choir became the first Japanese gospel recording artist to ever hit USA Billboard charts placing #3; The group is still in high demand for USA tours.

            •           2016 Japanese Mass Choir will released it’s documentary DVD, Powerful: The Story of 1,000 Voices, from Japan to the world.

            •           2016 February Recipient of The Congressional Honorary Award, in Atlanta, GA; Presented by Senator Donzella James, during Black History Month for his many contributions through American  music and International Cultural Affairs. This is the highest award given by US government officials to any citizen. The event is recorded in US history records recognized and signed by the Governor of USA. During such presentation was attended by Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Edwards had a chance to exchange ideas with her.

            •           2016 June Edwards released his new solo CD, a collection of Negro Spirituals & anointed originals, entitled FLESH & BONES: “All That I Am.” The CD project was recorded with only Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Tamborine and Vocals. Featuring Gospel Quartet’s Legendary Swan SilverTones and Reverend Billy D. Houze. For more details download the JETT EDWARDS APP or visit: www.believerstoday.org



            •           Jett Edwards single BLOOD OIL from the album MADE N AMERICA placed #3 on U.S. Billboard charts due to hot singles sales; This was the Obama Campaign theme song for his 2008-2009 campaign.

            •           2009 President Obama Jett Edwards was invited to join the Obama early voters Campaign throughout North and South Carolina, to rally early registered voters in concert performances.

            •           2009 Founded Believers Today Non-Profit Organization/ Non-Governmental Organization and presides as Chief Operating Officer. Main purpose of Believers Today is to uplift the hearts & souls of those in need due to disasters, and other unforeseen situations; To enhance and share Japanese music and culture worldwide, all through the power of music; Produce Charity concerts and fundraisers to support tours, CD releases, media promotion and uplift spirits of those in need through the power of music.

            •           Events Formed Japanese Mass Choir, I Believe Tours, Songs On Wheels concerts events that support US Veterans such as World Peace One, United Nations, Unesco, Unity Festival (2009).



            •           2002 Produced Japan’s first International Music School of Arts, in Tokyo Japan

            •           2004 COO of Wisdom Entertainment Network, Inc., Japan’s largest holder of American mobile digital content, celebrity ringtones, mobile site development partnering with Dwango, Ito-Chu, Dentsu, Artist Management, Digital content management & licensing, Music & Events Producer, Vocal Instructor.

            •           2006 Founder & COO of Mighty Mobile, Inc. Japan's first and #1 English mobile celebrity digital content download site (American Direct) on Vodafone, KDDI, NTT platforms. Partnering with Axcel Mark Inc., One of Japan’s largest Aggregators.  

            •           1989 Founded Sonic Jett Production Concert Promotions and management company in USA and Japan.

            •           Supporting Rising Productions, Creative Man Production, Udo and Kyodo Tokyo. Avex artist development, Stargate, Sun Music, Watanabe Productions, etc.




Toll Free International Direct Line:   704-909-7756

USA: 704-9411517





JETT EDWARDS(ジェット・エドワーズ)




Americana Cultural Music Association会員



ゴスペル歌手の両親を持ち、10代の頃から父のレコーディングにベーシストとして参加。最初のヒット作品は、14歳の時にPhilly Sound Recordsから発表した「Lonely Man」。

その後、Andre Crouch、Shirley Caesar、Soul Stirrers、Swan Silvertones他ゴスペル音楽史を築いた様々なアーティストや、Elton John、Bobby Womack、 Prince、Paul McCartneyなど数多くのアーティストと共演。またThe Five Blind Boys of Mississippiのグラミー賞受賞時にもベーシストを務めた。

プロデューサーとしては、Janet Jackson、Diana Ross、The Crusaders、The Temptations、 George Bensonなど米国音楽界のトップアーティストを手掛けるとともに、Michael Jackson一族のレーベル「The Jackson Record」にて新人開発のディレクターおよびプロデューサーを3年半務める。

日本に移住後、1989年にSonic Jett Productionを設立。Stevie Wonder、James Brown、Earth Wind&Fire、Prince、故Whitney Houstonなど米国アーティストの招聘およびコンサートマネージメントを手掛ける。取引先はRising Productions、Creative Man Production、ウドー音楽事務所、キョードー東京など。同時に、新人開発の分野ではAvexやスターゲイト、サンミュージック、渡辺プロダクションなどともつながりを持ち、宇多田ヒカル、Double、その他数々の日本のメジャー・アーティストの育成やプロデュースに携わる。

2004年にはWisdom Entertainment Network, Inc.を設立、ドワンゴ、伊藤忠、電通といった企業と提携し、米国のモバイルコンテンツのマネージメントやライセンシングを開始、2006年にはMighty Mobile,Incを設立し、日本で初めての在日外国人向け着うたサイトを成功させる。

2008年、ソロ作品「BLOOD OIL」「MADE N AMERICA」が当時の米大統領候補であったオバマ・キャンペーン・ソングに起用され、ビルボード誌のB&B/HipHopチャートにて初登場第3位を記録。キャンペーンの公式パートナーとしてノースカロライナ州、サウスカロライナ州全域でパフォーマンスを行った。

2009年、NGO団体Believers Todayを設立。音楽を通したチャリティー活動に力を入れる。2011年の東日本大震災以降は毎年石巻市を訪問し、コンサートやボランティア活動で地元の人々を励ましている。

2014年、NGOゴスペル広場代表の日本人ゴスペルアーティスト、ジェンナとタッグを組みJAPAN MASS CHOIRプロジェクトを始動。前代未聞の1000人でレコーディングされたデビューCD「POWERFUL」は、日本発のゴスペルアーティストとして初めて、ビルボード誌のゴスペルチャート第3位を達成した。2015年には3度のアメリカツアーを開催、約60名の日本人メンバーが参加し、文化交流を促進した。2016年にはJAPAN MASS CHOIRのこれまでの歩みを綴ったドキュメンタリーDVDを発売予定。

それらの功績が評価され、2016年2月にはジョージア州のアトランタ市より「The Congressional Honorary Award」という栄誉ある賞を授与。米国滞在中にヒラリー・クリントン氏とも面会し、意見交換を行った。


2016年夏ごろ、新たなソロ作品「FLESH & BONES」をリリース予定。この作品は、ベース、ドラム、ハーモニカ、タンバリンという限られた楽器と歌で構成され、様々なゴスペル歌手をフィーチャーし、歴史的な黒人霊歌をリメイクした作品集となる。